Awning Accessories

Retractable Awning Accessories / Enhance Your Awning Experience Eclipse Awning Systems offers these really cool accessories to help maintain the condition of your awning and to make your outdoor living space a little more enjoyable. Choose from options like our Lunar Lighting package that creates a romantic ambiance or our our wind sensors that automatically retract your awning during high winds. Our optional accessories will make a difference in creating your outdoor living environment.

This Solar Shade is available in widths up to 12 feet with maximum drops up to 10 feet. The light duty interior solar shade will reduce your cooling costs and keep the view free from glare and obstruction.

Eclipse® Awning Drop Shade

The Eclipse Drop Shade is an often requested accessory to our Eclipse®, Eclipse Cross Arm and the 13 foot Total Eclipse® products. The Eclipse Drop Shade option allows you to extend a shade 59″ vertically from the front bar.

Enjoy your outdoor living longer with an Eclipse Solar Beam Infrared Heater. This safe and effective outdoor heat source allows you to control the amount of heat desired at the touch of a button.

Maximize the use of your motorized Eclipse retractable awning or solar screen with wire-free electronic accessories. These awning sensors work in conjunction with your motorized awning or solar screen to increase your units’ efficiency while adding a level of protection from changing weather conditions.